Professor Loxley is the author of the following books, among others;

Debt and Disorder: External Financing for Development, Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado and North-South Institute, Ottawa, 1986.

Interdependence, Disequilibrium & Growth - Reflections of the Political Economy of North-South Relations at the Turn of the Century. Macmillan, London, St Martin’s, New York and International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, March 1998.

Alternative Budgets: Budgeting As If People Mattered; Fernwood Books, Halifax and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Manitoba, Winnipeg, 2003.

Transforming or Reforming Capitalism: Towards a Theory of Community Economic Development. Editor, Fernwood Publishers, Halifax, 2007.

Doing Community Economic Development, edited with Jim Silver and Kathleen Sexsmith, Fernwood Publishers, Halifax and CCPA-Manitoba, 2007.

Aboriginal, Northern and Community Economic Development.  Papers and Retrospectives. Arbeiter Ring, Winnipeg, 2010.


‘Are Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) the Answer to Africa’s Infrastructure Needs?’ Review of African Political Economy, Volume 40, Issue 137, 2013.

‘Alternative Approaches to Hydro Compensation and Agreements with First Nations: Manitoba and Quebec’, Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, Vol. 8, Issue 1, Fall, 2012

  ‘Public-Private partnerships After the Global Financial Crisis: Ideology Trumping Economic reality’, Studies in Political Economy, August, 2012.

‘Reflections on Change and Continuity at the IMF’, Presentation for the John Kenneth Galbraith Prize in Economics, May 2010. Canadian Journal of Development Studies, November, 2011.

‘Financial Dimensions: Origins and State Responses’ in Bailouts and Bankruptcies, edited by  Julie Guard and Wayne Anthony, Fernwood Publishing, 2009

‘Aid Effectiveness in Africa’, with Harry Sackey, African Development Review, Vol. 20,  Issue 2. September, 2008.

‘The Interdisciplinary Intellectual and Public Policy Research’, Distinguished Academic Award, Canadian Association of University Teachers, Acceptance Address,CAUT Bulletin Special Supplement, October 2008.


Additionally, he has also regularly published analytical reports:

Wrong Turn: Is a P3 the best way to expand Edmonton's LRT? Parklands Institute, University of Alberta. ,  October 03, 2013

Asking the right questions: A guide for municipalities considering P3s, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Ottawa., Sep 10, 2012

‘Social Impact Bonds’, CCPA Review: Economic and Social Trends, January 2013.